Corrugated Metal Roof

The type of exterior building envelope system appropriate for exterior wall and roof applications is corrugated metal. Compared to a traditional asphalt shingles roof, corrugated metal roofs can usually last much longer. Corrugated and ribbed metal panels are metal sheets that are formed into ridges or waves. To form channels for water and snow to run off the roof, the metal roof panels are indented, or corrugated, once shaped.


  • A cost-effective, durable and substantial material
  • Long been the favored material for roofing for agricultural and industrial buildings
  • A corrugated metal roof can last up to three times as long as asphalt (approx. 25 years up to 60 years)

Longevity Features

It is often determined by the width of the panel, and type of coating used for a long period a corrugated metal roof will last. The better the quality of coating used, the longer the system will likely last if the panel is thicker. In the longevity of the system, suitable maintenance will also play a foremost role.

Corrugated metal roofing materials are gaining respect in the residential roofing market, as well while it has long been the most popular choice for commercial and agricultural constructions. Corrugated galvanized steel is fetching a very prevalent material in modern architecture and in environmental-theme building new construction developments, and energy proficient retrofits.

Preservation Factors

To keep it from corroding, to redirect heat, or to escalate its waterproof assets, there are some varieties of coatings that can be functional to a corrugated metal roof. Today, there are many new materials developed but the usual is made of ceramic and epoxy coatings.


Corrugated metal is very sturdy and durable as it can resist fire, wind, and hail. A painted metal roof is idyllic for shedding great amounts of snow for structures such as cabins erected in the Northern or hilly regions. It can support to save money on utility bills by dropping the use of air conditioning, as the shiny roof will redirect a great amount of heat from the sun once a coating is applied on a corrugated metal roof with reflective coatings. In the occurrence of rain or a hailstorm, and also low hanging tree limbs can grind and scratch it along the surface are some created noises which can be a disadvantage for a corrugated metal roof.


Corrugated metal roof maintenance is limited to the occasional need to re-coat the metal roofing panels in the incident of corrosion, or fading is visually prominent on its finish.

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